Your Fucking Face... I Love You!




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Even if just one person changes their view on bisexual erasure after reading a post on how ‘I’m not gay’ doesn’t equal ‘I’m straight’ or starts actively thinking about heteronormativity and queer erasure after reading meta on ‘A scandal in Belgravia’ for example, then it IS progress. So don’t tell me how ‘shipping johnlock is not progressive’ because it IS. I’ve learned so much about sexuality and lgbtqaip issues (and about myself!) ever since joining this website and reading tons of meta on johnlock, that I find it truly disrespectful to the people who take their time and write this stuff down for others to read and educate themselves to hurl insults at them and erase their sexual identity by repeatedly refusing to believe that a lot of them (or us) are queer, and reducing well researched, informative metas to ‘queer fetshization’. Just because your ship has nothing to offer in terms of education on queer issues, it doesn’t mean that all of them don’t.

Fun fact time: I learned all this shit and more shipping Johnlock oops! Looks like it is progressive!

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Someone needs to write a really angsty Johnlock fic where they have a confrontation and John confesses, “I don’t want to be drunk, to tell you that I love you!”

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also mike stamford not coming to john’s wedding is kind of important to me like i just picture him sitting at home watching telly and grumbing “fuck this nonsense i did not spend all day wandering around london looking for a toppy soldier so sherlock could be best man at his wedding jfc



Comic Con 2014 in San Diego, California (x)

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Eight ways in which a heterosexual person might have ended this awkward conversation




No, boys.  Thank you.